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Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics

In the computing forensics field, Sam Raincock Consultancy specialises in evaluating the evidence on anything from a memory card to a corporate server including forensic imaging.

SRC can provide expert witness statements in cases involving determine if certain evidence is present on the computer, testing how software works, cases where encryption has been involved (including withhold passwords), hacking and recovering information when wiper software has been used.  SRC can also evaluate cases involving evaluating virus and Trojan contamination, cases involving hacking, determining the use of devices (hard disks, memory sticks, mobile telephones) with computer equipment and commenting on the validity of intricate proposed defences.   In the past this has involved complex cases such as phishing scams, hacked servers, complex fraud, murder and insider dealing.

SRC is able to forensically examine all different types of computer systems including Apple Macs, Windows, Unix and Linux.  Examinations of servers or information extracted from servers can also be performed.

SRC also takes instructions for a range of digital evidence cases involving  ‘oddity’ investigations requiring bespoke solutions including taking instructions in matters involving IT/Telecoms contractual disputes, testing software and information security evaluations.   This may involve cases requiring bespoke experimentation with mobile telephones, digital devices and software/web sites to determine their functionality particularly to ascertain the prevalence of evidence in legal cases. This may also be combined with provides security assessments for legal cases sometimes involving making assessments of attributing particular actions to person(s) and in the process of this has evaluated the policies and procedures of a number of large organisations.

SRC can also take instructions involving evidence contained on Sat Nav devices including commenting on the accuracy of GPS information, Facebook/Twitter account downloads, and the content of websites or publicly available information.

SRC can manage your instruction from start to completion including making arrangements with police forces to gain access to already seized materials or making arrangements to obtain access to computer systems with businesses including onsite examinations and professional forensic copying for litigation cases.

SRC and has acted as an experienced expert in a range of computer, security and software evaluation cases including:
  • HMA v Undisclosed (computer evaluation - rape of a minor by a minor).  December 2009.
  • R v Adu Bunu (computer evaluation for credit card skimming).  July 2008.
  • R v Glenn Rycroft (computer evaluation – murder). June 2009. 
  • DPP v Jakub Fidler (computer and security evaluation - murder).  July 2010.
  • R v Undisclosed (computer evidence and non-disclosure of passwords). May 2011.
  • R v Neten Shah (connection charting and computer evaluation - insider dealing).  July 2012.  At the time of this trial, this was the largest FSA investigation conducted into Insider Dealing.
  • DPP v Heather Perrin (computer evidence - Judge accused of deception). November 2012.
  • R v Imran Rasab (computer evidence and telecoms - £2.8 million fraud against Vodafone).  April 2014.  
  • R v Robul Rasab (computer evidence involving a test case in the possession of prohibited images). October 2014. 
  • R v M (security and system procedural assessment – employee accused of internal bank fraud - Acquitted).  November 2015.
  • R v M (system and procedural assessment - police officer accused of unauthorised access - Acquitted).  Feb 2017.
  • R v Mmaduike (scammer/phishing case involving computer and program code analysis – Fraud (Acquitted) and Money Laundering of over £½ million).  February 2017.
  • R v Christopher Hutcheson Snr, Christopher Hutcheson and Adam Hutcheson (Computer evidence - unlawfully access Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited's system).  June 2017. 

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