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Telecoms Forensics

Telecoms Forensics

Sam Raincock Consultancy provides expert witness services in telephone evidence evaluations, connection charting, attribution evidence and cell site analysis.  These sources of evidence can be combined and also include computer forensics where required. 

Evaluation of Data on Devices

Handset Evidence Evaluation involves interpreting data from mobile telephones, SIM card and tablets in order to ascertain the evidence contained and the meaning of the stored data.

SRC specialises in providing expert opinions about data stored on mobile telephones assisting you in determining how the data came to reside on the device and the full meaning/limitation of the data.  Often this work may involve bespoke experimentation with devices to determine how they function in certain situations.  For example, this may include cases where an image has been identified in a particular location on a handset.  This type of experimentation and analysis may be used to address questions including if an image may have been captured on the phone or transferred to the telephone, if it may have been downloaded via a web browser, and if the date and time stamps are reliable.
Connection Charting

Connection charting involves producing a list of patterns of mobile telephone connections often addressing who contacted who, for how long and when.  It can also address the meaning of data in connection records including if calls were answered, how long the call rang prior to being answered (and the meaning of this), if an SMS message was delivered etc.

SRC can also perform connection behavioural (pattern) analysis to determine if the alleged call numbers on certain dates are consistent with the general use of the phones.  This includes preparing detailed tables of data and graphical charts to clearly demonstrate the connection patterns and any anomolies.
Attribution Evidence

Attribution evidence involves assessing all of the telephone evidence in order to establish the full extent of the evidence use us by/not by certain parties in order to assist the Court establishing who may or may not be using a telephone in general and/or at a particular time.  This type of complex evaluation may involve cell site analysis, connection charting, handset evidence and other digital analysis.

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