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Sam Raincock Consultancy

Forensics & Expert witness in IT, Security and Telecommunications.
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Sam Raincock Consultancy Limited provides consultancy and expert witness services in computer forensics and telecommunications matters including cell site analysis and cases where there is a combination in the two sources of digital evidence.  SRC can also provide an overview of a case and advise regarding forensic areas that may require further exploration. 
Sam Raincock Consultancy has experience of taking instructions in the evaluation of evidence and producing statements for criminal, civil and family legal matters including working as a joint expert.  The same professional expertise can be applied to corporate investigations where services can be provided to accommodate your company or private client requirements.  Enquiries are always dealt with in the strictest of confidence.          

SRC specialises in providing a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the evidence in your case, carefully answering the questions raised by your instruction.  Where you require an alternative hypothesis to be tested, SRC will unassumingly address the evidence, fully evaluating the given scenarios.  SRC is particularly experienced in taking instructions in large cases often involving 100,000s pages of telecoms evidence and/or complex computer issues, requiring the production of detailed jargon free reports/statements in the order of 30+ pages. 

Sam Raincock is the principal scientist at SRC and has worked on a large number of serious criminal cases including murder, drug gangs, armed robbery, serious sexual assault, possession/making/taking of indecent images and serious fraud/theft. In addition to a large number of indecent images and child sexual abuse cases and non-disclosable cases, she is an experienced expert working in a large range of cases including:

  • DPP v O (cell site analysis – murder (acquitted)).  May 2008.  Article in the Irish Independent including comments about Sam Raincock's evidence.
  • R v Eusop Milne (cell site analysis – murder and attempted murder). June 2008 and retrial July 2009.
  • R v Adu Bunu (computer evaluation for credit card skimming - cash machine fraud).  July 2008. 
  • R v Christopher Caunter (cell site analysis - murder).  November 2008.  Article on BBC News Site.
  • R v Glenn Rycroft (computer evaluation – murder). June 2009.  Article in the Telegraph.
  • DPP v Jakub Fidler (computer and security evaluation - murder).  July 2010.  Article in the Irish Independent Newspaper
  • DPP v Niall Byrne (connection evaluation - robbery and tiger kidnap).  2009 & retrial December 2011.  At the time of the first trial, this was the longest running trial in Ireland.  Caselaw Report
  • R v H (cell site analysis - Murder (Acquitted)).  December 2011.  
  • R v Neten Shah (connection charting and computer evaluation - insider dealing).  July 2012.  At the time of this trial, this was the largest FSA investigation conducted into Insider Dealing.  Article in Telegraph Newspaper
  • DPP v Garrett O'Brien (cell site analysis and connection evaluation - murder). June 2011 and retrial November 2012.
  • DPP v Heather Perrin (computer evaluation - Judge accused of deception).  November 2012.  Article on BBC News Site.
  • R v Mohammad Ali (cell site analysis and sat nav evaluation - co-defendant in the Dale Cregan Trial, assisting an offender).  June 2013.  Article on BBC News Site.
  • R v Sajmir Xhakrosa (telecoms and cell site analysis - conspiracy to supply with others over £4 million of drugs per year).  February 2014.  Article in Daily Mail.
  • R v Imran Rasab (telecoms, connection charting, data analysis, SIM cloning and computer evaluation - £2.8 million fraud against Vodafone).  April 2014.  Article in Yorkshire Post
  • DPP v Stephen Freeman (telecoms, connection charting and cell site analysis - kidnap and attempted robbery from the Bank of Ireland).  August 2014.  Irish Independent Article.
  • R v Victor Latali (cell site analysis - kidnap and blackmail.).  August 2014.  Article in Newham Recorder
  • R v Robul Hoque (computer evaluation - prohibited images).  October 2014.  This was a test case within England regarding charging in Crown court based solely on the possession of prohibited images. Article in Gazette.
  • R v Nick Parker (telecommunications, connection charting and telephone data analysis – Sun journalist accused of aiding and abetting misconduct in public office – Acquitted.  Convicted of accessing MP's phone).  December 2014.  Article on BBC News
  • R v L (cell site analysis - kidnap and blackmail (Acquitted).  Retrial December 2015.
  • R v Suraj Mistry (cell site analysis – Murder charge reduced to Manslaughter).  September 2016.  Article on BBC News
  • R v Edward Dooley (telecoms evidence – Conspiracy to Murder).  February 2017.  Article in the Echo.
  • R v M (system and procedural assessment - police officer accused of unauthorised access - Acquitted).  Feb 2017. 
  • R v Mmaduike (scammer/phishing case involving computer and program code analysis – Fraud (Acquitted) and Money Laundering of over £½ million).  February 2017.
  • R v Christopher Hutcheson Snr, Christopher Hutcheson and Adam Hutcheson (Computer evidence - unlawfully access Gordon Ramsay Holdings Limited's system).  June 2017.  Guardian News Article.
  • R v Michelle Spencer (Telephone and Facebook evidence – Murder).  June 2017.  BBC News Article.
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